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Sunfish Classroom

Age: 1 - 2 Years

Daycare Lexington, KY
Daycare Lexington, KY
Daycare Lexington, KY

Hey Moms and Dads,


Let us tell you about a day in the Sunfish Classroom


Circle Time is so much fun!  We are learning to count and recognize our colors and shapes.  We sing lots of songs and especially love the alphabet song.  We look out the window and talk about the weather; sometimes we see the sun and on other days clouds or rain.  Our teacher is so funny when she shows us animal books and pictures; she acts really silly and makes all kinds of crazy animal “sounds”.  Then, we pretend and act really silly while we laugh and crawl around.  We also get to see and learn about all sorts of “stuff”; I am beginning to notice these familiar objects around our house and town.


Learning Center Time is awesome; we get to choose what we want to do.  Sometimes we play in housekeeping, build with blocks or play with trucks and cars.  We push around popcorn poppers and ride on riding toys.  Other times, we snuggle the stuffed animals and look at all the books.  There’s just so much fun stuff to do!


Group Time gets us moving.  We dance to music, exercise, play with bean bags, toss balls, catch bubbles, run under the parachute and lots of other fun activities.  My teacher says when all of us play together that we are learning to take turns and play nicely; we just think it is fun to play with our friends.


We have Art every day.  The really neat thing is that we create our project just the way we want.  Our teacher says that we are very creative and that the process is the most important part!


Our teacher wants us to always practice sharing and taking turns with our friends.  We try very hard to use words to express our feelings and ask for what we want.  Our teacher talks about something called manners and etiquette; she always wants us to say please and thank you.  We are able to follow simple directions and help clean up the toys.  We hear our teachers say that we are learning every day; we just know that our room is a fun and safe place to play!


We hope this helped you understand a little bit about our “home away from home; we have fun and learn so much at Tots’ Landing. 




The Sunfish Classroom Kids

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