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Pre-kindergarten Lexington, KY
Preschool Lexington, KY

Dolphin Classroom 


Age: 4 Years

Preschool Lexington, KY
Preschool Lexington, KY
Preschool Lexington, KY

Hey Moms and Dads,


Let us tell you about a pre-kindergarten day in the Dolphin classroom! 


 Our pre-kindergarten day begins with Circle Time.  We learn a letter and number each week; work on phonics and several weekly sight words.   Our teacher says this is all very important because our class will begin learning to read in early spring (curriculum week 27).  At circle, we also play shape and color games, talk about the weather and learn “jingles” that help us remember the days of the week and months of the year.


Because we are going to kindergarten next year, our teacher says that the Writing Enhancement activity is very important.  We practice writing our name, letters, numbers, and when ready, a few words and our telephone numbers.


Learning Centers are so much fun!  We enjoy this time because we get to choose who we play with and where we want to play.  We can explore in the science and math center; play in housekeeping or build with blocks.  Readiness table activities are fun.  If we need time to “chill out”, the reading area is a great place to go find a good book, snuggle with cuddly toys and work puzzles.


We have an Art project every day!  The really neat thing is that our teacher wants us to make our art projects just the way we want!


Every day we get an opportunity to have Small Group Activity Time games with our teachers.  These games incorporate all sorts of “readiness stuff”.  Our teacher says we are getting so smart and learning to take turns; we just like being with our friends and playing fun games.  Fine Motor and Readiness games emphasize letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sequencing, matching, rhyming and other concepts listed on our classroom Goal Sheet.


At Large Group Time we are always active; our teacher plans fun activities to get our wiggles out.  We get great exercise, learn to follow directions, take turns and practice playing nicely in a big group.


We hope this helped you understand a little bit about our “home away from home”; we have fun and learn so much at Tots’ Landing. 




The Dolphin Classroom Kids

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