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Sunfish Classroom

Age: 1 - 2 Years

Minnow Classroom

Age: 6 Weeks - 1 Year

Daycare Lexington, KY
Daycare Lexington, KY

Hey Moms and Dads,


Let us tell you about a day in the Minnow Classroom,


The thing we love most about our classroom is all the love we receive.  Snuggles and cuddling are the very best part!  Our teachers even keep us on the individual schedules that our parents have at home.  It really is our “home away from home”.


Circle Time is so much fun.  Our teachers read us books and sing us songs with finger plays; they always encourage us to talk and sing along.


Experimenting during Art Time is really messy; we use lots of different materials with a

wide variety of textures.


During Group Time we practice our fine motor skills.  We play, grasp and learn to help ourselves with a variety of toys in many colors and shapes.  Our teachers always encourage a response so that we will learn to speak.


As we get older, Lunch Time gets a little messy.  We are learning to grasp finger foods and working on mastering sippy cups which are necessary skills for a smooth transition to the next room. 


Our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:


*We usually stay in the baby room until approximately one year of age.

*Our teachers keep a diaper changing chart for parents to review each day.

*Parents get daily notes that let them know how much we are drinking, eating, sleeping, etc.

*The parents are responsible for supplying diapers and baby formula.

*Each of us have a designated space in the refrigerator and cabinets (for bottles and food).

*Our teachers say PLEASE LABEL everything!!!


We hope this helped you understand a little bit about our “home away from home”; we have fun and learn so much at Tots’ Landing. 




The Minnow Classroom Babies

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