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Preschool Lexington, KY
Preschool Lexington, KY

Starfish Classroom


Age: 2 1/2 - 3 Years

Preschool Lexington, KY

Hey Moms and Dads,

Let us tell you about a preschool day in the Starfish Room!


Our preschool day begins with Circle Time and we are learning so much.  Now that we are in a “big” kid room, we have a letter and number each week.  We sing songs and play games that teach us colors and shapes.  Our class checks the weather every day; we even have a weather chart.  We are learning “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” jingles.    


Learning Centers are so much fun!  We enjoy this time because we get to choose who we want to play with and where we want to play.  Some days we explore in the science and math center, other days we play in housekeeping or build with blocks.  If we need time to “chill out”, the reading area is a great place to go.  We can curl up with a good book, snuggle with cuddly toys, work puzzles or use our imagination while we play with puppets.


We have an Art project every day!  Our teacher says she wants us to be creative.  The really neat thing is that she wants us to do our art project just the way we want; she says the process is the most important part!


Group Time gets us moving.  We dance, exercise, play with bean bags, balls, chase bubbles, and lots of other exhausting activities.  Our teacher always plans fun gross motor activities (whatever that is); she says we can have lots of fun and get our wiggles out.  She says we are learning to follow directions and play nicely.


During Small Group Activity Time we always play “readiness” games.  Our teacher says we are getting so smart and learning to take turns.  We just like being with our friends and playing fun games.  Readiness games emphasize letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sequencing, matching, rhyming and other concepts listed on the Goal Sheet.



We hope this helped you understand a little bit about our “home away from home”; we have fun and learn so much at Tots’ Landing. 




The Starfish Classroom Kids

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