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Important Questions to Ask an Infant Daycare Center

You are currently pregnant and your due date is approaching. One of the several things you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your child is to find a good daycare center. As you are in the final few months of your pregnancy, you should be searching around for just the right daycare.

You should start off by researching what daycare centers are available in your area. The day to day schedule you will be following once your baby is born can determine the location of the infant daycare you end up deciding on.

Besides finding a daycare center in a convenient location, it is also important to find a center that has the hours that you're going to need. While searching around, take note of any infant daycare centers which seem like they might be promising. Set up a visit to get a feel for the environment your infant will potentially be growing up in.

Look up reviews of any centers you're considering to see what kind of experiences other parents have had with them. If all looks good, set up an interview with whoever runs the daycare and maybe some of their employees. This way you will become familiar with what kind of teachers will be caring for your infant and what activities the center has

Whatever questions you plan to ask at the interview, make sure the following questions are included.

1) What Is Tuition, How Are Payments Made, What Other Costs Are There? 2) What Is The Infant To Teacher Ratio? 3) What Is The Daily Routine/Schedule 4) What Are The Methods For Milestones? 5) How Will Your Child Learn, Grow and Develop? 6) What About Allergies?

How Much Will You Pay For Tuition & How Will You Be Making Payments? A big part of picking a center for your infant is knowing how much you will be paying. If it turns out their tuition is more than you're able to afford, see if they're able to do anything to make it more affordable for you. What are the circumstances for making a late payment? Is there a fee and how much if so? Make sure you're aware of any costs aside from tuition that can apply to you.

What Is The Infant To Teacher Ratio? Infants require a lot of attention. You want to be able to rest assured that your infant is getting all the attention that they need. The answer that all parents want to hear is no more than three infants per teacher. Infant to teacher ratios vary from state to state, but you want to find as low a ratio as possible.

What Is The Day To Day Routine Like? Being involved in stimulating activity is important for your baby's development. Activities that involve interaction and stimulate their senses will contribute to the start of their growth and development. You'll want to make sure that the activities they offer include this. Is their schedule for feeding and playtime something you will be able to keep up at home? Will they have all the necessary baby supplies or will you be expected to provide your own? You may have a preference or it may not matter.

Do They Recognize Milestones? From learning to crawl to saying their first words, babies have plenty of firsts during the first year or two. It can be special for you to witness your baby taking their first steps or saying "Mama" for the first time. As they grow from a newborn to an infant and then a toddler, they will learn new skills.

But they may not fully pick up on the skills on their own. They need direction and encouragement on how they are expected to develop. Be aware of what methods a daycare center will use to get infants to reach milestones and how they will be rewarded. Maybe you will disagree with their methods and prefer a different approach. Let them know about what you prefer to see if they will go along with it.

How Will Your Child Grow and Develop While In Their Care? Being in a center means your child will start to develop socially early in life. They will learn how to get along with other children, follow rules, consequences from breaking a rule, etc.

Does the center have any schooling options for when it is time for your child to start kindergarten? Can you trust that they will have your child ready for kindergarten when the time comes? If it turns out your child is disabled in any way, what will they be able to do to handle it? Will they know about any special education options for you to look into?

What Do They Do About Allergies? If anyone is your family suffers from allergies, there is the possibility of your infant also having an allergy. Mention this to them so they can watch for signs that your baby has inherited said allergy.

Will the people who run the center know how to recognize an allergic reaction and how to handle it? Will they be able to figure out what caused the reaction, especially a severe reaction? If they end up being the people to find out about a severe allergy your kid may have, it is important that you are informed about it for when you take your kid home.

These are some of the more important questions to ask when searching for a center for your baby. These don't have to be the only questions that are asked as you may have some personal concerns. After an interview, you should have a better idea on whether you want your infant in a certain center's care.

At Tots' Landing Learning Centers, we understand the challenges and common questions new parents face when they are trying to choose a daycare center for their new infant and we look forward to easing your mind as you navigate your childcare options. Please stop by or give us a call at one of our three convenient locations.

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