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7 Things You Should do When Choosing a Preschool.

Choosing a preschool for your child can feel, well, overwhelming. After all, there are many options to choose from and you want to make sure that you select a program that encourages your child's growth. Here are 7 things that you should keep in mind when choosing a preschool that will make you feel confident and prepared.

Tots' Landing Daycare & Preschool in Lexington, KY

Read reviews

You have a wealth of information at your fingertips. What better first step is there than to research the preschools in your area? Look out for reviews from parents whose children attended that preschool for honest and informative answers to your questions. This can give you an insider's perspective, an idea as to what to expect from the environment and knowledge of the general satisfaction of parents.

Ask for recommendations

Whether it's family, neighbors or friends in the area with kids, ask them for their opinions on preschools in the area that go above and beyond. Make sure that these are people whose opinions you value and trust. Consider factors like this:

Did their child come home excited?Were the other children disruptive?What was the class size?

Consider your budget

Think about the needs of your family but also your budget. Are you interested in a half-day program or full-day? Are you looking for a particular type of program? Consider these needs, as well as what you can reasonably afford, and go from there. 

Check accreditations

There are over 8,000 preschools in the U.S. that are certified under the NAEYC or the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This certification can be thought of as an additional level of security in ensuring that your preschool is up to par. Some of the factors that are considered by the NAEYC include no more than 8 infants or 20 preschoolers per room, teachers have at least an associate's degree in early childhood education and a teacher/student ratio of 1:4 for infants and 1:10 for children aged 3-5.

Schedule a visit

Now that you've done your research, read about preschools in the area and asked around, it's best to schedule a visit. Think about the following:

What is your first impression?Does the environment feel welcoming?Is it clean?Is the space bright and fun?Are the adults kind and encouraging to the children?Are the children engaged in activities?

Ask questions

Whereas some parents prefer to go with the flow, some may benefit from having a written list of questions. It could be bullet points on your phone, for example, of important things that you don't want to forget to ask. For example:

Does the program accommodate children with special needs?Do teachers work with children one-on-one or in groups?Does the classroom have a library?Is the learning hands-on?Are parents welcome to drop in?

Ask about the curriculum

Lastly, you should also consider the curriculum of the program. After all, you want your child to be prepared to jump into kindergarten with excitement and confidence. Some specific questions that you can consider are:

Is the teacher using a well-known curriculum?What are some of the skills that your child will learn?Does this curriculum adequately prepare children for kindergarten?

It's normal to feel a little nervous but think about choosing a preschool as an exciting time where you're able to watch your child learn and grow! If you're looking for a program where your child will feel safe, secure and loved while preparing for kindergarten, then contact us at Tots' Landing Learning Centers, Inc., in Lexington, KY to schedule a visit. We have multiple locations, for your convenience, and are looking forward to meeting with you. 

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