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We are excited to reopen and begin our new “normal” and feel certain that we can provide a familiar, loving, educational and FUN environment for your child.  There will be minimal changes that are visible to your child; mainly non-contact temperature taking upon arrival and the staff will be wearing face masks (parents must wear masks upon entry of the building).  These are state regulations to ensure the safety of the children. 


Although things will seem fairly normal to the children, many actions are being taken behind the scenes to ensure the safety of every child.  There will be extensive staff training and sanitizing.  These will be addressed later in this letter.


This is uncharted territory for everyone; we understand the feelings and concerns that parents have when choosing to send their child back to a child care setting.  Not only will we be returning to work, but our daughter, who is one of our Assistant Directors, and her son (our first grandson), will also be returning to Tots’ Landing. 


If we all work together and follow new guidelines and procedures, we feel confident that the children will have a safe and smooth transition back into their Tots’ Landing daily routine. 


We hope the following information helps you understand how we will follow all of the regulations and ensure the children are safe, happy and thrive.


Staff Training

The staff will be returning to work, a week before the children return, for extensive training; they are also required to complete a training that is provided by the Healthy at Work initiative.


Cleaning & Sanitizing

The week before we open, we will clean and sanitize all of the toys, classrooms and all areas of the building (this was also done before we closed).


Social Distancing & Small Groups

Because it would be nearly impossible to keep the children 6 feet apart at all times, the governor has mandated that the same 10 children will be in the same classroom with the same teachers every day.  Teachers and children are monitored for fever and sickness when they enter the building each morning.  This provides a healthy and consistent environment for each group of children.


There will be PLAY!!!

The groups of children discussed above will be allowed to play together, with a variety of toys and will participate in group activities.  We want you to be comfortable and know that your child will have many activities throughout the day.


Outside Play

The children will be allowed to play outside; they will only play with their group on the playground; the equipment will be sanitized between each group.


Maintaining Sanitizing Procedures

In the younger classrooms, toys put in children’s mouths will be put in a bucket to be sanitized as soon as they are finished playing with them.  In all of the classrooms, as children finish playing with a bucket of toys, they will be added to a sanitizing station and cleaned.  There will be plenty of toys to play with AND proper sanitizing will be a continuous process.


Toys From Home will not be Allowed

Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home.


Water Fountains

Water fountains will not be used; water breaks will be incorporated into the Daily Schedule.


Sick or Fever

If a child becomes sick or develops a fever, they will be removed from the classroom and placed in a supervised isolation station.   Parents will be asked to pick up their child within 30 minutes.


New emergency cards will be completed when you start; there must be a direct phone number where you can be easily reached.


Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents must wear a mask when entering Tots’ Landing.  Children under 5 are not required to wear masks. 


There will be a drop off and pick up station inside the front door; socially distanced designated spaces will be there for waiting purposes during drop off and pick up.


At drop off, we will take your child’s temperature; we are waiting to hear if we need to take parent temperatures at drop off.  As long as your child does not have a temperature, you can give your child a big hug and kiss and we will take and help them settle into their classroom.



When you are ready to pick up your child, please use the socially distanced designated spaces while waiting your turn for pick up.  We will bring your child to you.  We are working on a call a head system; more information will come.


Parent Accounts

All parent accounts must be up to date upon restarting and paid weekly.  Lower ratios are going to be a tremendous hardship for the center.


Non-Contact Payment

We will now be using credit and debit cards to ensure non-contact payment.  We plan to have this up and running upon opening.  More information will come regarding credit and debit card payment.  If at all possible we would like to get this set up, by phone, before you begin so that you can start with non-contact payments.


Tuition Increase

There will be a tuition increase of $5.00 to help cover card payment and additional staffing.


Coronavirus and Children

Life is different now; our goal is for the children to have a basic understanding about the coronavirus.  Instead of pretending the coronavirus doesn’t exist, we will teach the children about the coronavirus in a very simple, positive way.  They will learn to wash hands frequently, wave hello, bump elbows, etc.  We have developed a simple rap called “KICKIN the Corona Everyday” that all of the children will learn.

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